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Vision and Mission

VYS Envisions

A strong and prosperous India where in particular, the poor are given the opportunity to reach their full potential in life and gain status and their rightful place in the Society and to work towards this dream in conformation with the ideologies of Swami Vivekananda.

VYS’s Mission is

This is the Decade of Development, there is no other choice. Not on paper/not by speeches, to build a strong, caring and compassionate nation with truly robust democratic values, we need to emphasise on Human Resource Development starting at local grass-root level by mobilising the youth of this country (who constitute about 50% of the population of India and are the future of India) to be aware of the need to generate a sense of Community of youth across India, youth who wish to give a helping hand to others

We wish to bridge the gap between local grass-root level and higher level of the society -

1. To involve the children and young generation in socio-cultural activities as well as in Games & Sports and overall development of the community for the character evolution in the nation.

2. To raise public commitments to the social sectors development to sustained economic growth of nation.


  1. Believes that every human life is of equal value. We do not accept discrimination in any form.

  2. Believes in the power of patience, compassion and tough love in transforming human lives.

  3. Is humble and mindful in our actions and words. We seek and heed advice and counsel from those who know more than we do.

  4. Believes in learning along the way, especially from our mistakes, and in sharing our mistakes and lessons with others to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

  5. Takes action that reflects the long-term nature of our commitment.

  6. Avoids criticizing unless that criticism comes with a suggestion on how to make it better.

  7. Is open-minded to change, improvement, innovation and traditions that work.


Merit Scholarships

Merit Scolarships
sch   In last few years, VIVEKANANDA YUBA SAMITY (VYS) has taken

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