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Sports Activities

1. In this category, our regular activities include conducting Yoga Classes by the eminent Coaches for last one decade in our Samity Building. The trained students have brought laurels from various All Bengal/India Championship.

2. 23rd January - Volleyball Tournament

3. 26th January - Annual Sports of Vivekananda Nagar

4. During December-January, Cricket Tournament.

5. During April-May, Football Tournament

6. In addition to the above, Badminton/Caram/Card competition are arranged at appropriate season.

It is ironical that despite our large size and huge population and efforts made by Central/State Government, we have not been able to achieve a respectable status in the world sports scenario. One of the major factors leading to such a dismal scenario in sports and games is the lack of sports culture in the country at every level. There is a general lack of sports consciousness in our society - the parents, teachers, policy-makers, administrators, peoples’ representatives, etc. General perception is that sports is a digression from academics. Sports and games, in fact, help children in their development – physical and mental. This can be attained by bringing about a change in the parental and societal attitude towards the sports. For this, all out effort will have to be made by everyone of us at every level in every walk of life; government alone would not be able to do this.

Sports and games not only help in the all-round development of human personality but are also healthy means for recreation and relaxation. They work as elixir both for human body and mind. Sports also provides opportunities for personal and social interaction fostering goodwill and peace amongst different peoples. It instills values such as healthy competition, respect for rules, team spirit, instinct of turning failure into success, leading to excellence in human endeavour and attainment. It enhances sense of achievement, national pride and patriotism amongst individuals. Participation in games and sports fosters qualities like sportsmanship, fairness, etc. in the children that makes them ideal citizens.

Apart from creating sports culture and consciousness about sports and motivating parents/students to take up sports, there is also a need to develop minimum playing facilities in every locality and schools. The genetically gifted children can be identified from each locality and schools for providing scientific training and other support to develop their motor qualities and sporting skills.

In this perspective, to keep the children and youth encouraged and involved in games and sports activities, we are organising Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton, Athletics throughout the year beside Yoga Coaching. These help in build team-spirit, leadership and also fellow-feeling which are key factors for development started from the childhood level to the age of maturity.


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