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Recent Project


As per our existing practice, one sub-committee, comprising of Members of the Organisation and other prominent local people of various fields will be constituted; they will run the Community Centre, be solely responsible for all activities of the Centre and they will be accountable to the Executive Committee of the organisation. The committee will be headed by a Convenor. The funder/donor can be a member of the Committee or he/she can nominate his/her representative in the committee. The committee will meet once in every three months for reviewing the overall performance of the centre, and in turn they will submit their report to the Executive Committee for their approval.

However, to look after the day-to-day activities of the Centre, one person is required to be appointed who will be working under the aforesaid Sub-Committee.


In order to ensure the sustainability of the project the plan is to:

 Rent out the hall for various functions.
 Seek local, national and international individual support
 Mobilize Local, National and International Resources
 Avail Volunteers’ help
 Ensure the involvement of the community members
 Raise local fund through charity shows, exhibition, sales etc

Thus far, our main strength is the local people and only for that reason for last 50 years, we  did not  worry about sustainability of any of our projects. The members, local people and our well-wishers throughout the world are continuously extending their financial help by which we have been able to sustain all our projects. But this large infrastructural project cannot be done with only our local well wishers. We need more help for the building project.

With the vast experience of community works for last 50 years and the planning of the expert members of the organisation, all our projects are running successfully till date. As these are in line with the demand of the local people, these are being fully utilised by them with satisfaction and for its successful running as well as modernisation they are all along cooperating with us by way of financial contribution as well as constructive planning.

We strongly believe that as there is a demand of this type of project, Community Centre will also be a very significant project for community development and investment in this project will be a good one..


In case any Institution agree to fund the project, they don’t require to disburse the amount directly to us. They can nominate their authorised representative to handle the money as well as monitor the project works.

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